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A Comedy

"Comedy central in a book, mad funny and unpredictable. Great read." - Review by Nishant

"An incredibly raunchy comedy that's a combination of Family Guy, Deadpool and Curb Your Enthusiasm all rolled into one." - Review by Anthony Avina

A no holds barred laugh riot riot where friendship transcends everything from race to orientation to sporting allegiance.

"A deep dive into the mind of an original and colorful character and his struggle to overcome the challenges of life."

"This exhilarating journey has some of the most descriptive and colorful commentary on life and brings both humor and insight into male friendships."

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i am wendys donuts

My singular purpose in life is to bring you outlandish comedy of only the highest caliber.

I know, it's a dope mission.

You're welcome.

What fuels me on my quest?

Well. A combination of steak, fried chicken, shrimps, sushi, cakes ...

Damn. Now I'm hungry ...

twenty minute comedy shorts

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A Comedy

Ravi is back home in Newport for the holidays. His overbearing parents are back to their old ways and he needs one thing.

Safe Refuge.

If he can't find a quiet place for himself, things are going to pop off. With no other options available Ravi takes refuge in his childhood bathroom. He needs to have a look at himself and take stock of what's going on.

After all, we all need to have a chat with ourselves from time to time. Just to center ourselves.

What Ravi finds in that bathroom will change his life for the rest of his giddy days.


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